Taking Flight


Today was an uncharted ride on a stream of consciousness. Listening to an audio clip this morning made me think of birds. A small bird sat in a snow covered tree outside the window. "Why is she alone? Isn't she cold? Why doesn't she fly somewhere warm?" I felt chilly wearing layers upon layers of fabric with the furnace turned up. She was out in the elements dressed only in feathers. I shivered for her. 
The stream offered up a favorite quote ... 
  • "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.”                                   Emily Dickinson

The stream entertained me with a mini-meditation on hope and faith.  
I searched a website, found a fresh quote, a picture, and clip art, then put them all together (above).

I ditched the stream when Dan came home for lunch and avoided the computer altogether after he left. It seemed like play time should be over so serious work could begin.  I got dressed. (Yes, still in pajamas at noon. Retirement is awesome!)  

Just about to open a project for editing when the stream flowed through:

Taking Flight

A lone bird rests on a bare tree branch. 
The winter wind blows.  She tightens her grasp.
No fluttering nor squawking, screaming nor talking …
Composed, silent, calm … she listens.

Unaware of danger and undaunted by weather
She measures the wind as she ruffles her feathers.
Not pondering gravity nor what tomorrow will bring, 
The right current comes. She swiftly takes wing.

Oh, to be a faithful, fearless, free bird!
To ascend without doubt and no dreams deferred,
Soaring in lofty thought to places unknown ... 
Sightseeing and self-discovering until I’m full-grown.

B. Jane Lloyd
© February 3, 2014



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